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We recommend materials which aren’t perishable (PETG, PET, ABS, NYLON, PC). The best experience we have with PETG, because it is very still, durable and easy to print. We don’t recommend print it from PLA. Be ecological, don’t want to print the model in a few months again just for decompose!


After sign up you can download models from your account. You can download it again at any time and anywhere.

Prepare Gcodes for your printer

To create the g-code, we recommend Simplify3D or Slic3r PE. Detail settings (like layer height or infill) of slicer are described in user guide.



Per model



Per model

Lot of people use 3D printer to print useless statuettes or vases. We want to use the full potential of this technology, and move the boundaries to next level. Our 3D printed models are fully functional and entertaining.