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Fully 3D printed RC car. Most components are 3D printed including the gearbox, body, and axles. Just download, print, put together and play.





Step-By-Step user guides


Most parts of this car are printed on a 3D printer including the transmission, body and axles. The construction of this model is very simple and everyone can handle it. Take a look at our step by step user guide. It's fun and you can also learn how the individual parts of the car are working. The model is also ready for LED lighting.

The archive contains both pre-prepared printing plates and files with individual models. You don't need to rotate parts or create supports. Everything is already included in the prepared models, so printing is as comfortable as possible.

Technical parameters

  • Two versions: right-hand and left-hand drive!
  • Model is in 1:10 scale
  • Permanent 4x4 with locked differentials
  • Remote controlled steering and speed control
  • Ready for full LED lighting
  • 1:40 3D printed gearbox for maximum torque
  • Hood, doors and trunk can be manually opened
  • Real shock absorbers with springs + real tires
  • 150+ printed parts
  • Width: 251 mm
  • Height: ~230 mm
  • Length: 588 mm
  • Fillament weight: ~1 kg for body and ~1,5-2 kg for chassis
  • Max speed: ~8 km/h on 2S

3D Printer setting

  • 3D printer size:
    • min: 180x180x180
    • recommended: 250x210x210
  • Nozzle diameter: 0,4 mm
  • Extrusion width: 0,48 mm
  • Layer height: 0,2 mm
  • Top/bottom layers: 3-6/3-6
  • Perimeters: 1-6 (allow single extrusion walls)
  • Infill: 25-100 % (allow single extrusion fill)
  • Support: NO (supports are included in models)
  • Brim: YES
  • I prepared printing plates, but i recommend make your own plates specially for your printer.

We often get informations about how much this model finally costs. There is no clear answer to this question. It depends on the quality of the components used, but also on what one already has at home. In the case of RC models, you start and you don't have any yet, count on the final price of the entire model of approx. 130-200 Euros.




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